"Capturing the true and timeless moments so that you can relive the beauty of your day."

(Zäni & Duwayne)

There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.

(Ansel Adams)

Getting married is one of life’s most memorable celebrations. When you’re surrounded by your loved ones in a breathtaking destination, it’s safe to say that these memories and well curated elements deserve to be captured and preserved.

That is where Zäni & Du Wayne steps into the picture. With over 15 years of photographic experience and a long list of destinations that we have traveled to throughout the world, they live to capture these epic moments. Nothing is more important to them than producing a true representation of the day.

With every image, you will feel every emotion that you felt in that moment, and instantly, you’ll remember the beautiful place that you so carefully chose to celebrate your love. These are the memories that need to be celebrated, printed big, and placed into a beautiful frame in your house.

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